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Digital Initiatives

Smart Operations
(Using OCR Technology)

Smart gate
Real time data capturing, validation and processing
Significantly reduces the time and resources increasing overall operational efficiency.
Ensures high accuracy in reading and interpreting container information,
Enhances security measures by quickly identifying hold containers and alerting in case of such deliveries, supporting effective risk management and compliance.
Smart survey
Automated Data and Image Capture: (OCR Technology)
Captures container numbers and images of 5 sides.
Damage detection and other relevant information from container doors
Automated survey report by E-mail
Smart yard planning
Accurate Container Tracking (OCR and GPS enabled Reach-Stackers)
Accurately read and interpret container numbers
Assigning locations to containers at the gate, enables better planning
Precise tracking of containers throughout the yard
Improves overall inventory management
Better visibility of container movements
Enables better decision-making and optimization of yard operations

Cargo Management and Tracking

Temperature-sensitive cargo monitoring

Systems to monitor and maintain appropriate temperature conditions for sensitive cargo during transportation.

Ask Globicon

Real-time tracking and tracing of shipments through WhatsApp “AskGlobicon”, providing convenience and transparency.

Customer Engagement and Services

Faceless - Customer Portal
Streamlined Document Downloads