Home Sustainability


Environmental Efforts at the Design Level


Compliance with Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control


Within VOC Limits for walls and Used High reflective paints for roof

Material used for construction

50% from the local area having 25-65% of recycled content

Turboventilation on warehouses

Circulates and pushes the hot air outside

Woods used

Renewable wood certified by Local Forest Department

Roof Insulations

done that helps in keeping the temperature cooler


Solar Power catering to 65% of Facility’s Electricity

Rain water Management

Successfully undertaken Rainwater Harvesting

Drip Irrigation for Landscape

Drip Irrigation for Landscape

Water efficient

Water efficient Closets and Waterless urinals

Firefighting suppression

CFCs/HFCs, HCFC and Halon free Firefighting suppression systems


ISI rated generators certified by Pollution Control Board

Electric car

Adequate number of Electric car charging points

Fresh Air

Treated Fresh Air systems at Air condition spaces

Temperature monitoring

Temperature sensors for VAC monitoring

Sustained Environmental Efforts

Maintaining 10% of area for Landscape within the facility

Miyawaki forest
(a dense, native-species forest)

Butterfly garden

Eco-Friendly housekeeping chemicals which are less toxic

Terrace farming
(utilizing rooftops or terraces for agriculture)

Use of canteen waste for generation of bio-gas

Use of STP treated water for irrigation